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Securing sponsors is the action or verb. Event Sponsorship is the noun or the name for securing events' sponsors.


  • Doctor: noun
  • Healthcare delivery: verb

To all English majors, I might be wrong about noun/verb it may be noun/adjective :-). In reality, we know one describes and the other is the noun.

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Three rules that will put you ahead of other sponsorship seekers when you're ready to secure sponsors are:

1. Know what sponsorship is. Understanding the true meaning of sponsorship is important. Sponsorship is too often confuse with donation, free money, grants, banners, etc.

2. Know what you have to offer- be honest. Don't say 50,000 will show up or see the sponsor's brand when you know it will be 5,000.

3. Know sponsor wants, needs, or desires- this will help you target the right sponsors. Sponsors can be solutions of problems or it can be the other way around. The sponsor has a problem and your event is the solution. A little online research, Q&A with sponsorship representative, news media, or a stroll in your neighborhood, can help you choose the right sponsors for your event.

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