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1. Planning Ahead


It takes 6 months to a year or more to establish positive relationships with sponsors.  Don't wait until 3 weeks or months to start planning your event and looking for sponsors, unless you enjoy working under extreme pressure :).




2. Expecting "Nos"


It's not the end of the world if a sponsor tells you no.  Know this, no can either mean that the sponsor did not understand your message, they don't have an interest in your audience or event's purpose, not the right time, or the sponsor cannot afford the sponsorship.




3. Overcoming "Nos"


The quickest way to overcome nos is to understand why the sponsor said no.  For example; a sponsor says no because they are targeting young women in Australia and your event targets young women in America. If you can't provide a solution to the reason the sponsor is saying no, then move on to the next sponsor.  




4. Understanding Sponsorship

*2nd Edition is now available!

Often mistaken for advertisement or free money or donation among others incorrect terms used, understanding sponsorship will allow you to communicate with sponsors more effectively. Read *How To Secure Sponsors Successfully which gives a clear and concise understanding of sponsorship and  how it works, plus what to do and say to secure sponsors!

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