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Hi, I'm Roberta Vigilance.  Thank you for visiting  I am an introvert who enjoy meeting and encouraging people, listening and dancing to music and also sightseeing to take in the beautiful sceneries.

I've worked in sales since the age of a teenager.  Working in the sales industry for over 25 years has taught me that selling can be boring unless the salesperson is passionate about what he or she is selling. I remember working for a staffing agency, my primary role as an account executive was to sell the skills of warehouse employees.  I did not perform at my best  because I was bored out of my mind and not at all interested in selling who can use a forklift and who can work around the clock at a cheaper rate than our competitor.  I enjoyed speaking with the warehouse workers when they called in to let us know they were available for work, but I strongly dislike the service I was selling. As you may imagine, I didn't stay at that job for long.  In similarity, it's just like a car salesperson who enjoys speaking with potential customers at the dealership but dislike speaking about the features and benefits of the vehicle.


Selling an event or project is not any different, if you don't like what you are selling then you will not be motivated to sell.  The one thing, I believe, successful salespeople have in common is understanding what they are selling.  The best feeling is selling something that you truly care about.


Based on my experience, I believe that to be successful at selling anything takes 90% passion and 10% knowledge.  My passion is what introduced me to sponsorship.  I used my skills I acquired working in sales and went seeking for funding, after establishing my event planning company.  My passion was to educate up and coming models and musicians, who wanted to enter the music and fashion industry. I planned and coordinated seminars and showcases that shared insight and contact from leaders in the industry.  When I first started to seek funds to cover the cost of my event, I remember I use to ask larger corporations to invest in my event in exchange for connecting with my event's demographic.  I took a few marketing classes at (now called) New York City of Technology, in Brooklyn, New York simultaneously working; this time selling websites, and raising a young child as a single mother after losing the father of my child.  I left school in the middle of the semester in February 1999 to launch my event planning business to pursue my passion.


The responses I received when I asked international brands to invest were gruesome and left me feeling awful and disgruntled.  As mentioned I've been working in sales a long time and can evaluate the meaning behind no; however, this was baffling to me why the larger corporations did not want to invest, after all, I had gotten yes from the companies in my community when I had asked them to invest.  Good for me I was already familiar with rejections from working in sales industry so I was able to bounce back quickly.  I understood that no meant; not now or the buyer didn't understand my sales pitch hence not being able to give me yes or point me in the right direction. Very rare no meant no in the sales industry because when you are targeting the right prospects very seldom you will receive a no, and when you do you'll find out it is mainly because the buyer doesn't have the budget to buy (maybe it's already allocated for something else) or the buyer is committed to their current seller.


Facing rejection this time while selling my events felt different because I was passionate about what I was selling.  Quite honestly I cannot tell you when or where I first heard about sponsorship or the word sponsor. I'm sure it wasn't in school because it wasn't taught there not even in any of my marketing classes nor was it at work or in my community and although I was selling websites in the mid 1990's, I  and most of us didn't know about doing research on the world wide web (www), so I give God all the credit as some of you may have already seen in my book 'How To Secure Sponsors Successfully'.


My mind and action were on finding funding for my event and the word sponsor or sponsorship came into my realm.  For those of you who have seen the movie or read the book, I consider it to be a "secret" experience. The word came but not the process. After using the word and selling my proposal, I started to secure international house-hold name brands such as Adidas and Coca-Cola to national brands like Modell's and Rite Aid to media and local sponsors from the New York Daily News and NBC Bay Area to Liberty Partnership Program. I secured both monetary and in-kind sponsorship. All of the events were sponsored saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Any event can be sponsored from events that educate and inspire to competitive and innovative.


On my sponsorship journey, I also learned that it is necessary to have the right knowledge and information and ability to outsource (or in-house) the service that is needed to achieve the desired outcome. 


I share my knowledge and expertise so you too can get the money and resource needed to implement events that you are passionate about simultaneously, partner with sponsors to help them achieve their objective and goal whether through providing tangible or intangible benefits.


I look forward to connecting with you soon and training, guiding and consulting you on your sponsorship journey.  Most likely you are a small business like myself or nonprofit, and understand the reason I would  like you to share this or any page and video on this website that you believe will help someone else.  Do you have a question for me, contact me


About the Consultant & Author

Roberta Vigilance is self-taught.  After establishing an event planning company and looking for money to implement her events, she entered the world of sponsorship.  Coming from a background in sales, she learned the language and steps that are needed to secure sponsors and have secured corporate, local, monetary and in-kind sponsors saving herself and business hundreds of thousands of dollars, simultaneously got to implement events she's passionate about. She shares her experience and knowledge with other event organizers and nonprofits throughout the world. 


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