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It could be difficult choosing the right sponsor to target for your event.   Research is needed and essential for choosing the right sponsor.  Sponsorship is a partnership; it is about forming relationships and establishing partnerships.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘show me your company, tell me who you are’ or ‘birds of a feather flock together’?  In other words – before placing your sponsor in front of your target audience; your event sponsor should be a reflection of what you believe in; be it socially, morally or other.  Your event audience trusts you to put reputable sponsors in front of them.  In reality you are creating a soft sale partnership between your sponsor and your event audience.  Unless you are cleaning-up a sponsor's image, guilty by association still does exists.

You know you have chosen the right sponsors when you too believe in and (would) use the sponsors products and services.  If your sponsors are not going to compliment your event message and cannot relate to your event audience, target new sponsors.


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