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Solve Sponsorship Problem

We identify the problem, understand your objective or goal, and find a solution. 

Consulting is right for you, if you:

  • Need support for your organization with making crucial decisions and achieving outcomes.
  • Are looking for a solution to a problem or challenge.
  • Want your sponsorship team to be highly effective in meeting your sponsorship quota, on time.
  • Something else? Contact Us

What we do:

  • Look at data
  • Q&A with staff or leader
  • Generate possible solution/s
  • Design a plan to achieve objective or goal
  • Identify goal and wish
  • Evaluate and monitor progress to find out what worked and didn't work so well

For availability and rate of a single and multiple session, contact us


How do I attend a consulting session? The consulting session is held by phone (FreeConference Call), online (Skype), and in-person (New York City or Your Location). Where are you located? We are located in the United States and is mindful of the different time zones throughout the world and schedule consulting sessions that work with your time zone. Consulting session is held via Skype (online) and FreeConference Call (phone). How can I schedule a consulting session? Contact us to check our availability and rate, then confirm the date, time, and location (phone, online, in-person). What happens after I make payment? You will receive a confirmation and instruction on how to begin the consulting session. Payment: Payment is accepted through PayPal.  PayPal is a safe and secure merchant. No refund after the start of consulting session. What if I miss my consulting session? If you missed any date, you will not receive a refund.  You do have 1 opportunity to reschedule a missed consulting session at no additional cost. How long is each consulting session? 60 minutes per session or time scheduled. What if I'm late attending my consulting session? To be respectful of our client's time, we are available to you during the time that has been scheduled.  What if my problem or challenge is resolved before the consulting session ends, do I get a refund? No. The focus of the consulting session is based on the result not the length of time. What if my problem or challenge is not resolved before the consulting session ends? Some sponsorship problem and challenge are more complex than others and may require more time to find solutions. It might be best to schedule another paid session or multiple sessions. What if I don't have Skype? It's free to sign up for Skype.  If you don't want to use Skype, let us know your preference of video conferencing platform, or you can receive consulting by telephone (long distance charge may apply if you don't have long distance coverage with your local home/office/ cell phone company) and in-person. Consulting availability and rate? Contact us to check our availability and hourly and monthly rate. Looking for something else or have a question? Take a look around the website or contact us.


Who's Consulting

Roberta Vigilance is self-taught.  After establishing an event planning company and looking for money to implement her events, she entered the world of sponsorship.  Coming from a background in sales, she learned the language and steps that are needed to secure sponsors and have secured corporate, local, monetary and in-kind sponsors saving herself and business hundreds of thousands of dollars, simultaneously got to implement events she's passionate about. She shares her experience and knowledge with other event organizers and nonprofits throughout the world. 


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