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Consultation for Sponsorship Seekers

Working with a sponsorship professional can help you secure sponsors for your event, project, show and more, and improve your sponsorship results.  Whether it's your first time seeking sponsorship or you are looking for more sponsors, you can get advise on your sponsorship journey.  We will find out what you are currently doing and will let you know how to improve and maximize your outcomes and results. Going are the days when sponsors place their money and resources into events that offer less than their sponsorship value, whether they are seeking intangible or tangible benefits. 

*Hands on support (research, activation, management ..) is available per client. 

Receive advice on:

  • Targeting the Right Sponsor.
  • Creating Your Event Budget.
  • Writing Your Sponsorship Proposal.
  • Creating Your Event Budget.
  • Solving Problems.
  • Selling Your Event.
  • *Research and Generate Leads.
  • *Convert Cold Calls to Warm Leads.
  • *Qualify Leads.

Receive advise by:

  • Skype & By Phone or Ask us about another way to connect.
  • Something Else? CONTACT US!



Monthly Retainer or One-Time Sessions.


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Roberta Vigilance has over 25 years of experience working in the sales industry, and 18 years of experience selling events to sponsors.  She has secured corporate and local sponsors to cover the cost of her events, and all of her events were sponsored. Her events' sponsors span the gamut of industries from pharmaceutical, and shipping and travel, to fashion and music.  She learned how to secure sponsors through trials and errors followed by success and teaches professionals (worldwide) in her sponsorship training seminar what event sponsorship is, how to prepare to sell to sponsors, and how to sell to sponsors. 



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