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Properties (event organizers) do not turn your sponsors into advertisers unless it is, or part of a benefit that you are offering your sponsor.

As awareness of sponsorship continues to grow and become more defined, your job as a sponsorship seeker is to know how to present your sponsor as a sponsor and not as an advertiser or endorser, (see blog) to their target audience.  The communication between your event's audience and the sponsor needs to be relatable and offers an up-close and personal feel. Advertisers say, here I am, here I am. Sponsors say HERE I AM.  If your event has several sponsors, the focus and spotlight should shine on each one individually, allowing each one to stand OUT. If you would like to find popular and no so popular ways that will give you a competitive edge or other options for measuring your sponsor Return On Investment (ROI), read How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition.  To be notified when book releases, please join our Email List 

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