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According to IEG, a company that provides sponsorship consulting services to larger brand sponsors - the new trends or benefits that sponsors are looking for in 2013 are, customer reward program and employee engagement.  

I called IEG to get a few tips to share with my audience of rights holders to make securing sponsors more profitable for everyone involve including sponsors.  Before getting hung up on in the middle of telling the Chief Gross Officer why we (IEG & Myself) should work together to benefit both the sponsors and organizers, I was told that they don't work with small companies because smaller companies cannot afford their service.   
Do your research.  Find out what companies needs are. Time and trends continue to change.  Not all sponsors want visibility or a new demographic.  Look at commercials and on the internet, listen to what your prospective sponsors customers are saying and also follow your instinct that tells you what the sponsor may need.
Approach medium size and smaller companies for sponsorship.  The benefits of doing so include: a much faster and positive response,  lots more companies to target for sponsorship, the opportunity to directly speak with the ceo and find out what his or her specific needs are, receiving acknowledgement and credit for building and extending the sponsor brand.
Understand event sponsorship and know how to secure sponsors.  Don't wing it or be unsure, be clear and concise.  Learn from my mistakes.  Know what sponsors need, how to target and find the right sponsors, who to ask for, things to do after you've secured sponsorship, and other information needed so that you don't waste anyone's time including yourself.
Maybe I didn't make myself clear when I spoke with Michael at IEG or maybe, I, like many other entrepreneurs who planned or planning positive events were/are considered too small or irrelevant for Michael's (other's) consideration, never the less, I learned to keep it moving until I encountered professionals who are open to news ideas, partnerships, solutions, hence securing sponsors Tommy Hilfier, Adidas, J Records, Rite Aid, Eggie's Express Shipping, Bull Bay Fashion, Cellular Island, Modell's, among many other local, national, and international brand sponsors. 
Do not allow anyone (other than yourself) to stop you from implementing events that you are passionate about.  There are so many sponsors in the world that need to be in front of your event audience and would like to sponsor events that save and change lives, make people happy and healthy, bring in and reward customers, among receiving many unique and common benefits, only your event has to offer.
In order to become successful with securing sponsors you must first do your part; understand event sponsorship, know what to say, what to do, what to offer, etc.  Order your copy of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully today and start communicating with sponsors effectively and successfully.
Happy 2013 & Beyond!

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