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So you are about to plan an event for your organization or already own a television and radio network or club, and thinking I need money to fund my event, show, project or what ever type of event you are thinking of or working on.

The second thought that comes to your mind is, I need sponsors and I need them now!  

You think your first thought because you see a problem in the world and your event will serve as a solution, you want to celebrate a special occasion, or simply get a project off the ground.  Keep in mind that I continue to say, any event can be sponsored.

The second thought comes to mind either because you need money to implement your event or looking to save your own money.  Very rarely will someone say that they want to plan an event just to partner with a sponsor. 

After you become aware of your thoughts the next step is to take action.  How do you take action?

Do you know what to say to a sponsor when you call? Do you know what information is needed in your sponsorship proposal?  Do you know who can become a sponsor? Do you know how much funding to ask for?  These are just a few questions you need to answer before researching and contacting a sponsor.

To secure sponsors, you need to understand the language and the process.  Too often I've heard and seen in sponsorship proposals event organizers referring to sponsorship as a donation.  This is a red flag to a sponsorship professional that the person (sponsorship seeker, property..) does not understand sponsorship and might waste their valuable time. Remember sponsors receive numerous requests per day.  Sponsorship professionals do not wait by the phone, maybe one day they will, and if some of them do, then you should know what to say when you get them on the phone. 

If you've had any of those thoughts mentioned in the beginning of this post and would like to save yourself from making embarrassing and common mistakes and would like to communicate with sponsors more successfully read 'How To Secure Sponsors Successfully' or attend a Sponsorship Training Seminar.  

For those of you who are already securing sponsors and need guidance through a sponsorship challenge or help with fixing a sponsorship problem, try ourcoaching or consulting service. 

About Author & Consultant

Roberta Vigilance is self-taught.  After establishing an event planning company and looking for money to implement her events, she entered the world of sponsorship.  Coming from a background in sales, she learned the language and steps that are needed to secure sponsors and have secured corporate, local, monetary and in-kind sponsors saving herself and business hundreds of thousands of dollars, simultaneously got to implement events she's passionate about. She shares her experience and knowledge with other event organizers and nonprofits throughout the world.

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