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Format: PDF

Page: 50

Language: English

Available: World-wide


A lesson on how to get funding for events, nonprofits, programs, and more.  This e-book will help you secure corporate and local sponsors to fund your events and more.  It takes you through the process from beginning to end, from understanding event sponsorship and how it works to creating a sponsorship proposal and communicating with sponsors. 


Events cost money.  Instead of spending your own money or borrowing which at times can be very difficult; learn how to secure sponsors for your event.The Olympics saves and makes billions of dollars by securing sponsors. “Sponsorship is the best way without going into debt to get the cost of your event covered or reduced." said Roberta Vigilance, Event Sponsorship Author & Consultant.

Sponsors are not the same as investors, advertisers, donors, or endorsers nor it isn't free money; this is a common mistake most people make as a result communication breaks down which results in not being able to secure sponsors.


Any event can be sponsored; from festival, film, tour, award show, parade, campaign, tournament, mixer, lavish parties, and events for exclusive groups to walks, runs, fashion and talent shows among any event that you can think of. The size of your event does not matter, as you will realize in How To Secure Sponsors Successfully 2nd Edition.  What matters is the benefits (visibility, a new audience, positive image, etc.) you are offering sponsors in exchange for their payment.  

Some benefits you can provide to sponsors include banner placement (which some sponsors still love to see their logos at events), customer retention, clients for a newly launch service, extended market reach, engagement with target audience, network to an exclusive or a private community, and will sponsor your event to receive other benefits that are listed in How To Secure Sponsors Successfully 2nd Edition.  

One of the biggest challenge that both sponsors and sponsorship seekers are having is measuring the sponsorship return on investment.  How To Secure Sponsors Successfully 2nd Edition provides measurable strategies both the event organizer and sponsor can use to measure.the sponsor return on investment.

​​​How To Secure Sponsors Successfully 2nd Edition will increase your event sponsorship knowledge for securing corporate and local sponsors, and on measuring sponsors return on investment, and will update you on the shift in sponsorship proposal categories value.



" I just want to say that your book is very helpful...I've read it and I feel more confident in obtaining sponsors...Thank you! James E. Graham, Sports & Entertainment Consultant

"After reading this book I gained a better and clear understanding of what it takes to secure sponsorship for my event.  The step by step easy to follow format explains the relation between you and the sponsor and the advantages of securing a sponsor, a win win situation for both parties. Great book."  Yves. J. Jacques, Film/Video A.S.C

"I'm a creative artist in the area of multimedia.  I've been looking for ways to take my creativity and business to the next level.  A good friend of mine referred me to this book on securing sponsors successfully.  My first thought was what am I going to do with sponsors? My next thought was if even one idea helps it's worth it.  I checked it out and I'm so glad I did!  I found out I was literally leaving money on the table.  The no nonsense cut to the chase style made for easy digesting and a quick read.  Here's to a very useful tool in my belt to build my business!"  Ernest Williams, CEO Gennin Media

​"Great Book!" Woodrow Allbright

"I think you are very articulate and you KNOW YOUR STUFF" Sandra Kay Helsel, Ph.D, Realtor, CA

​​"The book was very helpful, and showed of Roberta's knowledge of how to get sponsorship. This book will help others to get sponsorship for their events. I am so happy that I received this book and glad that with the information I will easily create productive sponsorships for my events." Terri L Clay, Inspirational Speaker

When comparing How To Secure Sponsors Successfully 2nd Edition to other books on event sponsorship, you will find that this book is the most easy to understand book on the market.

At times you will experience, when calling sponsors some professionals will not understand what event sponsorship is and who they should transfer your call to.  How To Secure Sponsors Successfully 2nd Edition breaks it down by letting you know what to do if this happens and includes a 15 second pitch that will get you past the gatekeeper to the primary contact. Keep in mind that sponsorship is still new to many and growing.

In other situations, some sponsorship professionals will expect you to know and understand common sponsorship terms . You will become familiar with those terms which are also defined in How To Secure Sponsors Successfully 2nd Edition.

At times do expect to receive no's from sponsors.  'No' can mean many different things including your request was unclear, they can't afford it, it's not a right fit, wrong timing, or (believe) they don't have a need.  How To Secure Sponsors Successfully 2nd Edition will increase your chances of getting a 'yes'!

Although it usually takes 6 months to a year or longer to establish positive relationships with sponsors, ('due to the introduction period and getting to know each other, missed phone calls, etc.,') smaller budgets tend to get approved faster, in as little as weeks, compared to larger budgets. So if you're having a New Year's Party, you should start reading How To Secure Sponsors Successfully 2nd Edition now! 

Note: Some sponsors opening balance is in January while others vary based on their quarter. The best way to know when is the right time to submit your sponsorship proposal is to ask when you come in contact with the sponsor.  


How To Secure Sponsors Successfully 2nd Edition


  • How To Secure Sponsors Successfully - 9 Steps Recap (in video)
  • What is Event Sponsorship
  • How Sponsorship Saves Money on Events
  • How Sponsorship Increases Event Profit
  • Common Sponsorship Terms You Should Know
  • Benefits Sponsors Look For
  • Where To Find Sponsors (new!)
  • Sponsorship Proposal Categories (updated!)
  • What To Include In Your Sponsorship Proposal
  • Sample Of A Sponsorship Proposal (new!)
  • 15 Second Pitch To Gate Keeper (new!)
  • What To Do After You Secured Sponsors
  • Strategies For Measuring Sponsor ROI (return on investment) (new!)
  • Fun Quiz with Answer Page Included


What you should know about this ebook..

  • It will get your event cost covered or reduced
  • It will show you how to save your own money on events (parties, walks/runs/ drives, studies, etc.)
  • It will show you how to increase your event profit
  • It is based on a proven track record and straight-to-the-point
  • It is made simple, and easy-to-understand
  • It will save you time with the sample proposal
  • It will significantly surpass your investment on this ebook
  • It is available and downloadable worldwide
  • It is also available in print
  • It can used as a business expense :)

What else...

Oh yeah.. It will help you secure sponsors for your event!

psst.. it's already mentioned..there is a fun quiz included with answer page to test your memory before contacting sponsors:)


Offset the cost of your event by securing sponsors

What to do to secure event sponsors

What to say to secure event sponsors

Where to find sponsors

How much sponsorship to ask for

What benefits to offer sponsors.

Essential and most basic sponsorship terms you need to know

15 second pitch that gets you past the gate-keeper

Save time, money, and costly mistakes

Increase event profit

Sponsorship spending continues to increase globally (Statista)

Strategies to measure sponsor return on investment

Based on a proven track record

Get the cost of your event covered or reduced

Sample sponsorship proposal included

Simple, sponsorship made easy to understand

Straight to the point

Immediate access to your ebook


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