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I usually speak and share information with event organizers. Very seldom do I speak with sponsors unless it's on my client's' behalf, I'm selling my event to sponsors, or there is something sponsors should absolutely know as in this case.  In this post, I'm speaking to sponsors. Event organizers (properties), specifically those new to sponsorship, need to also consider this piece of advice.

You've heard me say that any event can be sponsored.  The same is true for sponsors, any company; it doesn't matter the size, can be become a sponsor of an event.

Maybe you (sponsor) don't have a marketing budget set aside, but can incorporate your product, service, image, or time into an event.  It's kind of like having liquid cash, as defined here.. Quite naturally cash is needed to pay for some of the things that events do need.  However, as an in-kind sponsor, you can provide event organizers with your resources to meet their event's needs and to make the event possible and more successful.

Let's use the Olympics for example-  Light or a certain type of light bulb is needed to showcase the athletes in the best light possible for the world to see. Well, if you're a small light bulb company or green energy supplier, your product or service has monetary value (not to mention your blood, tears and sweat it probably cost you to get your business up and running to produce the product) that you can provide to properties.  

If you've been with me in around 2009, you'll remember I posted that Donald Trump - now the US President-elect Donald Trump- agrees with a section 'It's Not Always About Moneyin my e-book.  Of course I don't believe that he's read my book but hope that he will, most importantly I hope that you will so that you'll know what we know and how to apply that information to offset the cost of your events.  In sponsorship it's not always about money,  you can secure in-kind sponsors which is worth as much or even more than gold.  In-kind sponsorship allows you, or the sponsor, or both to gain access to resources and establish exclusive relationships that money just can't buy.  

The next time an experienced or knowledgeable property approaches you to become a sponsor of their event, don't tell them how small you are. Instead, tell them that you would consider becoming an in-kind sponsor and how valuable your resource (service, product, image/spokesperson) is.  The property should already have an idea of how valuable your resource is and will offer you benefits that match or increase the value.  If you're not sure how in-kind sponsorship works or how you can benefit from it, read  How To Secure Sponsors Successfully 2nd Edition or Contact Us!

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