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Find the solution to your sponsorship problem and improve sponsorship result.  Bring in another perspective that can help you solve your organization's problem and improve its results. 
The consulting process:
  • Confirm or Identify your problem, goal, and wish
  • Enter into contract
  • Look at your data, if applicable
  • Research 
  • Q&A session/s with you, staff or team leader
  • Generate possible solutions
  • Expand on chosen solution
  • Evaluate and monitor progress to find out what worked or why it didn't work so well
About Consultant
Roberta Vigilance is experienced in sales and selling events to sponsors. Being flexible, she was able to capitalize her abilities by undertaking a variety of events and projects.  It was during the course of this time she interacted with personnel and people on all levels, which reinforced and strengthen her interpersonal and communication skills. Problem-solving is a challenge she enjoys and on occasions helps to maintain her sense of humor. 
Here are some ways Roberta can help make your life easier:
  • Explore new funding 
  • Improve results
  • Evaluate performance
  • Grow relationships and partnerships
  • Help with development and coaching
  • Assist with overwhelming circumstances
  • Help build sponsorship staff and team
  • Review proposal
  • Advise on development of event, project, program...
  • Plus More

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