My prediction – logo, logo, logo. If you are a sponsor, 2019 is a great time to activate logo placement. If you are a property, it’s a great time to offer logo placement as a benefit (asset).

I’m not talking about going back in time and slapping logos on walls, television, etc. See here. You’ll need to be strategic and ensure measurable results.

VMFESS (Vigilance Metric for Evaluating Sponsorship Success) evaluates the success of the sponsorship and saves both the property and the sponsor from wasting money on the wrong activations.

If you’re behind and don’t have a logo, it’s not too late to get one created, or to update your current logo. Become deliberate about showing off those logos at sponsored-events, which by the way, I’ve added a bonus book; Step-By-Step Guide to Planning A Sponsored-Event, in the book to prevent new organizers from making costly mistakes.

McDonald’s story was not an overnight success story. It took years of logo placement at sponsored-events including the Olympics, to be able to use just two words, that are not associated with its industry, to influence millions worldwide.


My prediction was inspired after I’ve seen the power of McDonald’s highway logo banner then days later finding and reading a blog by Anna Ní Chiaruáin.

Roberta Vigilance is the author of  How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised. She teaches classes off and online. Roberta also coaches and consults clients. Social media: FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

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