3 Reasons Why Being Shy and an Introvert Didn’t Stop Me From Selling Events to Sponsors.

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1. Respect – people approached me because they needed, wanted, or desired something I was selling on behalf of my employers and I delivered what they ordered on time, on a budget, and was transparent. 100% of the time I worked toward being ethical and respectful. What’s that saying? Treat others like you want to be treated.
2. Helpful – I genuinely wanted to solve customers and clients (people) problems and meet their needs. In the end, guess what? I’m a customer/client and person too.
3. Passion – I can’t say this enough, my passion is what led me to event sponsorship. I saw a problem and I had the solution, I just needed money and other resources to implement the solution. I was not shy about asking because I knew I wasn’t begging and that I was providing value. I was actually helping two entities (event audience and sponsor) simultaneously while achieving self-gratification. Your passion will help you to overcome rejections and get you to yes! Spoiler alert – the book lets you know that some sponsors support events to receive self-gratification benefit.

Roberta Vigilance is the CEO of Vigilance Style & Grace, Event Sponsorship Education & Consulting Company and teaches sponsorship seekers how to secure sponsors for events. You can learn more about Roberta and what she offers by visiting her Online, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or Twitter or order her book How To Secure Sponsors, Successfully Third Edition Revised- Funding For Events.

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