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About "How To Secure Sponsors Successfully"

If you are looking for sponsors, check out the book. It is available in print or you can order and download it.

This book is great if you are new to securing sponsors. It prevents you from making common mistakes.

FYI: Start reading this book now even if your event is into the future. You'll thank us later!

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Clear And Straightforward!

As a Strategic Marketing Consultant the fundamentals are key to sponsorship and event success. Roberta Vigilance has boiled down the intricacies of event sponsorship to an easy to follow blueprint and roadmap of how to bring the team together to a sponsorship mindset with clear step by step instructions on best practices to secure solid partnerships and sponsors.
A great read!

John Hunt, Strategic Marketing Consultant

Thank you Roberta Vigilance, for writing How To Secure Sponsors Successfully. I am always telling my children that we’re never to old to learn something new. Roberta, you did just that well… in this case you were the teacher and I was the student. Your book (How To Secure Sponsors Successfully) is so much information that many of us business owners seek for. 
I am grateful to have read your e-book. It is GOOD STUFF. I learned a new term Deck as in sponsorship. I had no idea that sponsors needed to lose their budget. You allowed me to see things in a different lens. And to learn to step out of the box.

Rebecca Seraphin, Seraphin's Catering LLC

Just finished reading How to Secure Sponsors Successfully. It was a very informative read with great examples and it covered all the major points for getting sponsorship. This book will help play a role in my developing a solid approach for successfully seeking and obtaining sponsors.

Monica Davis, Brand Narrative expert and Media Trainer - Author, Start Your Business Right and Welcome to the Top

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Roberta Secured Sponsors for Events - Now She Teaches Others How to Do It 

Mission: Empower professionals to secure funding for their passion-driven events.

Value: Establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

Vision: Build collaborations between events and sponsors that drive community prosperity.

Back in 1999, Roberta Vigilance worked on a celebrity calendar. She was attending college at the time, and a member of one of the school's social clubs. It was brought to her attention that students wanted to enter the entertainment industry without having to "sleep their way in."
A B2B and B2C sales professional with no securing sponsor experience, Vigilance was teaching herself how to plan events and get money to cover the cost of the events when she happened to ask a corporate brand to invest in her events. Rejected, Vigilance was passionate about launching the event and continued to knock on doors. Her persistence and perseverance, landed her to secure many corporate sponsors including Adidas and Coca-Cola.
Sponsors made the event a reality. She founded Vigilance Style & Grace | DBA | to teach others how to secure sponsors for their own events. Her business runs workshops and a masterclass, offers consulting, and sells an inexpensive self-help ebook.
Though the financial benefits of securing sponsors are rewarding, Vigilance says there's an emotional aspect as well. "I'll tell you, with emerging talents having options to enter their career path," she says, "the thing that I thought was most impactful for them was the support and opportunity that sponsors brought them."

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Before you approach sponsors make sure you understand how sponsorship works, know the language, and what information to include in your sponsorship proposal. This book covers all three topics, plus shares how to rebound from "no" which is part of the process to get to yes!

Oftentimes, sponsorship is mistaken for donation, free money, and advertisement; as a result, money is left on the table that could have gone towards helping a community, group, or you to achieve your goal. Event sponsorship is another source of funding for events. Sponsors fund all types of events, from parties, teams, fundraisers, games, programs to metaverse, cookouts, projects, weddings and shows.

Learn how sponsorship works, the sponsorship language, and how to write a win-win sponsorship proposal. Examples of sponsorship proposal are included.

No more second guessing. Read How To Secure Sponsors Successfully.

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